Stamina Tip To Last Longer In Bed


I am going to tell you the trick that’s going to help you last longer in bed.  Think about your position. Since you want to start off slow use a more romantic type of position at least to start off. One of my favorite positions to start slow in and make sure you give her the maximum G-spot stimulation is called the G-drive.

It is really simple. Just let your girl lay on her back with the pillow under the lower part of it. This will raise her butt up into the air and put her at the perfect angle to rub your manhood against her G-spot. This position has been proven to make women orgasm much quicker, so you do not even have to last very long.


You are also in full control in this position, and you can decide how fast or deep you go…or do not go.

Now another way to get used to the new feeling is to just stay inside her without moving for 10, 20 or even 30 seconds. Now, I know some guys might think “I can’t stay inside her without moving” but in this type of romantic position, you can. You can slowly kiss her feet which is one of the highly sensitive erogenous zones, or you gently graze your hands on the entire length of her legs. You can spread her legs open just a little while you rub her clit with your thumb. You can play with her boots while you talk dirty to her and increase her desire and arousal even more by teasing her little and not quite letting her have all of you yet.

The key is to get yourself over that initial “hyper sensitive” hump by taking it slow and getting used to the new sensation. After a few minutes of this slow teasing, you will feel your sensitivity decrease dramatically, and you will be able to go faster, deeper and harder without worrying about cumming too quick.

Use this stamina tip and I guarantee you will instantly last longer during penetration. And because you have increased her arousal by teasing her, and a are using a position that stimulates the G-spot you will be able to make her cum a lot faster.

Finally, whenever you feel like you’re starting to “get close” to cumming pull out. Go down on her and give her an oral orgasm. I promise you she won’t complain.

But use the tip I just gave you to get used to the new sensation and you will be able to last long and even give her multiple penetration orgasms.

You are also in full control in this position, and you can decide how fast or deep you go…or do not go.